Old Mill Park

Old Mill Park is our new community in the picturesque small town of Sycamore. The community is conveniently  located close to downtown shopping and dining while still being surrounded by nature. It is close to a beautiful park that has walking/hiking trails and picnic areas. Old Mill Park is the perfect location for enjoying an active lifestyle!

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Location, location, location.

Floor Plans

OMP Brochure Floor Plan 8.11.20


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Pricing & Availability Info

OMP 1.22.21

Building #1 – Non-Basement Units 

Sold Out !

Building #7– Basement Units

Sold Out!

Building #8 – Basement Units 

*Target Completion: Fall 2020                    

28 Briden Ln. (NE unit) – $326,900-Faces Botanical Garden, Pricing includes roughed in basement bathroom and covered Porch 

24 Briden Ln. (NW unit)- $326,900-Faces Botanical Garden, Pricing includes roughed in basement bathroom and covered porch                            

26 Briden Ln. (SE unit)-SoldLookout Basement 

22 Briden Ln. (SW unit)- Sold Lookout  Basement 


Building #2 – Non-Basement Units 

*Target Completion:  Winter 2021                                                                                          

47 Briden Ln. (NE unit) – $289,900Reserved                                

43 Briden Ln. (NW unit) -$289,900

45 Briden Ln. (SE unit)- $298,600-Pricing includes bonus room                                

41 Briden Ln. (SW unit)- Sold 


Building #6– Basement Units

*Target Completion: Spring 2021

48 Briden Ln. (NE unit)- $339,900

44 Briden Ln. (NW unit)- $339,900-Reserved

46 Briden Ln. (SE unit)- Sold Lookout Basement

42 Briden Ln. (SW unit)-Sold Lookout Basement


Building #5– Basement Units

*Target Completion: Fall 2021

58 Briden Ln. (NE unit)-  Sold

54 Briden Ln. (NW unit)- $344,900

56 Briden Ln. (SE unit)-Sold

52 Briden Ln. (SW unit)- $349,900


Building #3 – Non-Basement Units 

*Target Completion:  Spring 2022                                                                                        

57 Briden Ln. (NE unit) – $309,900                                

53 Briden Ln. (NW unit) -$309,900

55 Briden Ln. (SE unit)- Sold                                        

51 Briden Ln. (SW unit)- $309,900  


Building #4-Basement Units 

*Target Completion: Summer 2022

68 Briden Ln. (NE unit)-$354,900

64 Briden Ln. (NW unit)- $354,900

66 Briden Ln. (SE unit)- $354,900

62 Briden Ln. (SW unit)-$354,900


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